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Polyclinic for Ophthalmology

Bilić Vision Polyclinic for Ophthalmology and Orthopedics has been present for more than twenty years at Ksaverska Street 45, in the northern part of Zagreb. Under the expert guidance of the founder Dr. Sc. Nadežda Bilić, a specialist in ophthalmology, along with a team of physicians specializing in individual eye segments, diagnostics and treatment of various types of eye diseases are being performed using modern methods and equipment.

In the ophthalmological part, in addition to ophthalmic examination services, eye disease diagnostics, cataract surgery, strabismus and aesthetic eye surgery, laser retinal and laser trabecular plastic surgery as well as refractive surgery, we also perform the operations of the posterior eye segment (vitrectomy) as well as the complete treatment of the retinal diseases (medical retina). In short, we are doing all ophthalmic examinations and procedures that are done in the public ophthalmology clinics, but raised at the level of service we offer as a private institution.

Apart from the Polyclinic at Ksaverska Street 45, the Bilić Vision Optical at the Kaptol Center, Nova Ves 11, is intended for final treatment of patients, with the aim of making sure that along with the optimal diagnosis, client has optimal vision correction done using eyeglasses or contact lenses. The optical shop features the latest in eyeglasses equipment and has the cutting-edge service shop for manufacturing eyeglasses.


We would also like to turn your attention to our Laser Center where Dr. Sc. Bilić, an internationally licensed refractive surgeon with long standing practical experience, uses the cutting-edge WaveLight, Allegretto Eye-Q laser and the LASIK and PRK method which successfully correct vision impairments and remove the diopter.


We have a database of 100,000 satisfied patients, of which over 75% came through recommendation. This percentage perfectly describes the level of services we provide, as well as the professional work and reputation that our Institution has among patients.


Polyclinic Bilić Vision is proud to say that since 2011 it has ISO 9001 quality certification in the segment of providing health services. In line with the mission and vision of our Polyclinic, with the introduction of ISO 9001, we are continuously working on educating the entire Polyclinic staff and perfecting our work processes, but also the quality of services that we provide to our patients. Judging by the recent years of ongoing increase in the number of new patients and operative procedures at Polyclinics, it is obvious that this quality is recognized.


We are also proud to point out the fact that in October 2009, the renowned Croatian business monthly magazine “Poslovni savjetnik” has chosen Polyclinic Bilić Vision as one of the best medical institutions in Croatia, and according to the latest public research, Bilić Vision is perceived as one of the two best ophthalmic institutions in Croatia.


The Polyclinic Bilić Vision, led by its mission and vision, continually improves the level of services to provide the best possible health care to patients. It also continually invests into equipment of the latest generation of ophthalmic technology, and in the education of employees, especially medical specialists.


The mission of our institution is to truly approach every patient as a person, we dedicate him our full and professional care, and we lead him through all the phases and needs – from his first appointment to his complete recovery.


For this reason, thousands of people have given their trust and confidence to Polyclinic Bilić Vision. By having laser eye surgery, cataract surgery or any other procedure done, they have become a part of large family of Bilić Vision’s satisfied patients.


Why choose us?

  • Our results speak about the excellence of our institution and our doctors


Our results are the best proof that you will leave our facility more than happy. In the past 10 years, since we have been performing laser eye surgery, we have not had any recorded permanent complication in more than 10,000 operated patients. It is important to point out that Dr. Sc. Nadežda Bilić, founder of Polyclinic Bilić Vision, received a recognition for excellence in 2016 – NAJDOKTOR 2016, selected by patients.

2) Technology that follows world standards

At the Polyclinic Bilić Vision, we use the most modern laser technology produced by the  Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q company. This laser is perfectly precise and therefore safely and completely painlessly removes your existing visual impairment.


3) The most detailed preoperative examination

Guided by the criterion of excellence that is embedded in the vision of Bilić Vision, we provide every patient with the best that contemporary ophthalmology offers. Accordingly, you will be subjected to the most detailed and accurate eye examination, ensuring that laser eye surgery is done perfectly.


4) We do not treat just the rich and the famous

Although we are proud of our institution being chosen by numerous athletes, actors, artists and other VIPs, all of our patients can confirm that they have received VIP treatment.

5) Dr. Sc. Nadežda Bilić is a highly qualified refractive surgeon

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Sc. Nadežda Bilić, has operated on over 5000 patients without permanent complications. In Cologne, Germany, in 2002 she completed her education for a refractive surgeon. Every year as a lecturer or as a participant she takes part in refractive surgeons conferences aiming to implement new knowledge and technology in the work of Bilić Vision.


6) ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

We are one of the few healthcare institutions in Croatia that has an ISO 9001 quality certificate that relates to the quality of the service we provide and the results we achieve.


7) There are no hidden costs

Within the cost of surgery, you will also have three postoperative examinations and get postoperative therapy medications. It should also be mentioned that we provide you with all payment methods, as well as the ability to pay in installments.


8) Kind and educated health personnel

Our staff will do their best to set an appointment with you at a time that suits you perfectly, make you some tea or coffee while you are waiting, and treat you in a very friendly manner. They are highly educated, technically literate, and they all speak foreign languages. Learning is a lifelong process at our institution. Once a month all Bilić Vision empleyees are being educated in various fields with the aim of improving the level of communictaion and service they provide our patients.


Proof of Quality ISO 9001

ISO 9001: 2015 certification has taken a very important place quickly and has become a recognizable trademark of companies that pay special attention to the quality of their products and / or services in their business, because it is well known that what customers remember best is the quality.


Polyclinic Bilić Vision is proud of having ISO 9001 quality certification in the healthcare segment since 2011.


In accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, we have continued to develop a quality control system at our institution in order to recognize and meet the demands and expectations of our patients even better. The system introduces the identification and systematic documentation of business processes and measurement, analysis and performance systems for the purpose of improving the business. By introducing this system we have tried to rationalize business processes within the Polyclinic.


By establishing a management system in accordance with ISO standards, we have achieved stability and reliability in process development, customer recognition, cost reduction, positive public image and employee motivation.


In line with the mission and vision of our Polyclinic, we are continuously working on the improvement of work processes and the quality of services we provide to our patients by introducing ISO 9001 standards.


Judging by the continuous growth in the number of new patients and operative procedures at the Polyclinic in recent years, it is obvious that this quality is being recognized.

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