The dental clinic consists of expert team of doctors, specialists, professor of Endodontics for root canal treatment, professor of Orthodontics and assistants so we are able to cover all the dental specialties. Prosthodontics in the clinic is performed exclusively by dr. med. dent. Knego. The entire work of the clinic is based on the principles of healthy, holistic dentistry, i.e. all materials (fillings, prosthetics, etc.) are biocompatible, which means that they are healthy for the organism. Our team will assist you with overcoming fear of the dentists; provide you with kindness and most advanced dental procedures.



After working for 20 years, Dr. Knego moved into s new clinic equipped with the latest and highest quality dental equipment. The clinic is designed to offer a personal touch rather than catering for mass dentistry.
The clinic has the latest cordless RVG DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM offering precision imaging of each individual tooth with a portable VISTEO touch screen and latest ORTHOPANTOGRAM imagery of all teeth.
Two whitening lamps are always available for bleaching using the latest painless technology. The clinic also applies the latest know-how in IMPLANTATION PROGRAMMES as well as a 3D SET FOR IMPLANTS WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION.



The dental clinic provides construction of all types of prosthetics, with an emphasis on non-metal crowns and bridges, prosthetic implants for toothless jaws with 4 implants, All-on-four, and all types of dentures.
Our work features quality production, aesthetics and functionality. With an SMILE MAKE OVER, i.e. with a series of various procedures, often combining veneers, crowns, bridges, correction of shape using composites or chips we can change your smile completely, i.e. create a harmonious, beautiful and natural looking smile.

CAD/CAM NON-METAL PROSTHETICS are these days replacing metal-porcelain crowns and bridges more and more. These prosthetics are created using a computerised system in laboratories using several different materials which we choose depending on the affect we wish to achieve: aesthetics, transparency or firmness:
glass / porcelain

PROVISIONAL CROWNS & BRIDGES patients get immediately after preparation is completed or old prosthetics are removed facilitating normal functioning for a period of 5 – 7 days as long as required to make permanent ones.


Dr. Knego personally deals with all prosthesis work in the clinic as well as procedures with veneers. She has been dealing with veneers for over ten years which is very significant as the procedure requires precision, using a combination of various cements resulting in teeth exceptionally natural looking and lasting result.

Laminates – NON PREP TECHNIQUE, veneers that are placed on the tooth using cement technique without need for abrasion.


MGuide Implantology System

Mis Implants is a global company that manufactures, designs and sells the latest dental implants, external upgrades, complete oral rehabilitation solutions, and has developed the latest 3D IMPLANTOLOGY-MGUIDE system. Mis implants are used in the best dental clinics around the world due to their innovative development.


3D implantology, or computer-led implantology as it is called, is something that the team at the Dental Estetic Studio has been performing for over 5 years.

How it is performed:

All we need before the procedure is the CT of the patient.

CT is a three-dimensional image of the jaw that allows us to obtain a very precise visualization of the dental structure where we can EXACTLY SEE the bone thickness, height, density and anatomical structure. With assistance of a special computer program we can accurately place the implant that will have the ideal size in relation to the bone and will be ideally positioned.

Scan and CT data is then sent to Mis Implant that will use computerized assistance to plan ideal position of the implant and will develop a printing model and a template for the implant.

When the patient arrives for the implant, the template is placed in the mouth and the implant is placed directly through the template. Of course, all of this is possible if the patient has enough bone thickness and height, and if there is not enough, it is necessary to replace it, which is performed very successfully nowadays.

CT Scan and printing of the model and template allows tremendously high precision of this surgery.
At the Dental Estetic Studio clinic, the implants are performed by an oral surgeon with many years of experience, who is highly competent and precise. The oral surgeon has been working with Dr. Knego for seven years, and together they have performed many good prosthetic works on implants.


When in upper or lower jaw there is no teeth, it can be made with ALL ON 4/ALL ON 6 CONCEPT – 4 or 6 implants with screw-fixed bridges.
In All on 4 concept first we need to put 4 implants, and in All on 6 concept 6 implants. After implantation, the same day, impressions are taken and patient in 24 hours gets temporary bridge, fixed with screws on implants, which is one of the main benefit of this system. After 4 months (which is the necessary time for implants healing – osseointegration) permanent bridge on implants is made. New bridge is made from high quality composite material, which compensate the bone loss, gums nad teeth. With permanent bridge perfect aesthetics is achieved. Very important feature is that this procedure can be made at patients who have not enough bone, while implants are put into the front region of the upper or lower jaw, where is no danger to hurt n.mandibularis or maxillary sinus. It is also important to say it can be serviced if necessary in the future.

*Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening by lamp and gel based on hydrogen peroxide is today certainly the most effective and least harmful way of teeth whitening. The systems that we use in our dental clinic today are NOT harmful to the enamel, there is no pain during the whitening process and it provides excellent results.
We have been performing whitening at our Zagreb dental office for fifteen years.

-Philips Zoom White Speed LED lamp for teeth whitening is the latest, innovative and effective system for professional teeth whitening in the dental office. This lamp is one of the most popular and well-known systems for teeth whitening in the USA, and now we have it at the Dental Estetic Studio. Unlike many other systems, the Zoom White Speed by the Philips company uses the most advanced LED light to accelerate the whitening so that the maximum bleaching results are achieved in the shortest possible time. And what is very important, the lamp intensity for whitening can be adjusted according to what kind of whitening results we want to achieve.

*Oral Surgery

Dental Estetic studio dental office is an implant-prosthetic center where all surgical procedures are performed by an oral surgery specialist with many years of experience.
The collaboration of Dr. Knego and our oral surgeon lasts for the past 8 years with many successfully completed procedures. We perform all types of surgical procedures that are performed around the world, from regular tooth extraction where we strive to keep the maximum while maintaining a resistant bone and gingiva, which is very important for future procedures; up to alectomy, cystectomy, apicectomy, implants, sinus lifting and bone augmentation. All procedures are performed with local anesthesia and are completely painless. Precise tooth extraction with minimal bone trauma is of an utmost importance for a future implant, bridge, therefore, it is very important to have an experienced person taking your tooth out.
When it comes to dental implants, we use only the implants with proven top quality, such as Nobel, Mis Implants, and Shutz Dental. Our oral surgeon was a mentor for all of these implants. As oral surgery continues to move forward, we try to keep up with all the world’s trends and innovations, and we are very successful in doing it.

Sinus lifting and bone augmentation is performed on a daily basis, and our patients should not be scared as procedures are completely painless and performed safely and precisely without any risk for the patient.  These procedures are necessary and inevitable in situations where we need to place a dental implant and do not have sufficient height or bone volume.

Recovery after such procedures has drastically improved as we have introduced the latest method for faster tissue healing – PRGF-Endoret (Plasma Rich Growth Factors), which is used in all branches of medicine, and its application has also been found in oral surgery. We have very good results after oral surgery procedures with reduced pain, as well as reduced possible swelling. The biggest advantage of plasma rich growth factors is that it is 100% biocompatible and it is a product of our own blood, which can be ready to be used in just couple of minutes.

*Aesthetic Fillings & Endodontic Treatments

Being a clinic that has intensively been involved in aesthetic dentistry for over twenty years we support a holistic and healthy approach to dentistry, our fillings are exclusively of an aesthetic quality and do not contain any toxic matter. Our clinic is constantly propagating against amalgam fillings – or better recognized by patients as dark, grey metal fillings. So if any of our patients still have these we recommend them to be replaced.


Gum Treatments


*Facial Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers
Acne Treatments
PRP Treatments


*Transfer from the airport

The clinic has its own brand new furnished, stylishly designed apartment 100 m from the clinic. Both the clinic and the apartment are located in the very center of town, where you can find numerous shops, restaurants, a large market with fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of cafes (coffee shops). The apartment is located in the main street of Zagreb, Ilica No. 48, near the main town square, Ban Josip Jelacic Square. This 68 m2 apartment consists of a large living room with kitchen, a double bedroom, a bathroom and a separate toilet. The living room offers sleeping space for one child. The apartment is on the first floor overlooking the courtyard, it is quite though directly in front of the residential building, there is a tram station, and the tramlines cover the entire city. The apartment provides kitchenware, bedding and towels. In the apartment you will find all our recommendations for good restaurants, bars, places where you can drink the best coffee and buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

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