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Dental Corner Esthetics is a modern dental studio with clear vision and a goal to take care of health and needs of each patient, including prevention, curing and designing beautiful smiles.

Dental Corner Esthetics is a modern dental studio with clear vision and a goal to take care of health and needs of each patient, including prevention, curing and designing beautiful smiles.

At our studio, patient is not seated in the dental chair immediately. There is knowledge that only dentist can transfer and that is one of our main responsabilities during every visit. During your visit, you will acknowledge much more than intervention itself. The principles that we are quided with are efficiency and painfree approach. Efficiency encompasses speed and safety. For us, dentistry is much more than profession. We, at Dental Corner Esthetics, understand that healthy smile overcomes esthetics and cherish importance of teeth and soul.

The main idea is that each patient, in any given moment, can come to Dental Corner Esthetics to get the needed assistance, information about potential therapy, using most modern European approach, professional equipment and expressive medical ethics of our dental team.

Why You should visit us?

Dental clinic with a vision

DCE offers cruical information, instructions and extremely complex interventions. As experts in the field, we consider that it is our liability to provide information about types of available services, give instructions on proper hygiene concepts and techniques, point towards proper products and usage indicated particularly for You, as well as advice about most demanding interventions such as dental implants, computer designed and production of complete crowns and bridges using CAD-CAM technology.
The newest technology enables creating beautiful smiles while taking care of the smallest details and controlling every change step by step. Opinion of colleagues specialists in various dental fields such as oral surgery, parodontology, orthodontics and dental and X-ray technicians are important and we cherish the collaboration among highest authorities in the field. The dental laboratory that is used for producing crowns and bridges meets strict European policies for materials and technology standards. The possibilities sometimes reach science fiction limits for there are no unresolved cases.
Only one visit and free consultation can be the first step towards important life changing decision.

Our Services

These are just few of our services:

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Aesthetic fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Prosthetics on implants
  • Dentures
  • Tooth extraction
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Resection of the root – Apicotomy

Dental Tourism

Serbia is famous in the world for experts in various medical fields and dentistry also overcomes the competition. Knowledge and experts gain through formal education meets all European standards, which is the main reason for development of medical tourism. And the main part of it-dental tourism. Belgrade, having the ideal geographical position, has become the leading dental center for patients from all across Europe. Things that attract numerous European patients, besides expertise and technical equipment of dental offices, include spirit, soul and hospitality that we offer without compensation. For foreign patients, our prices are interesting and reasonable and in addition to the necessary interventions, relaxation in the city with endless possibilities is guaranteed.

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